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Meredith’s Love Story



We live in Alaska and knowing it would please my hubby, that morning I told him I would pick up a hard to get New York Times later in the day.

Just happened my MRI tests came in and my pain was coming from a pinched nerve & arthritis in my neck; carpal tunnel and……, “not much we can do for any of this”, doc said. Ouch! Now it really hurts. 🙁 Can’t wait to get home…. “oh no, the newspaper”..argh!!! Don’t want to stop; no!!!!!!I mean, I REALLY don’t want to!!! I’m in pain…but, I promised; “so what”? It’s a newspaper!!!

After turning into Safeway parking lot, I glanced at a girl sitting on a bench crying into a phone. After parking the suv…I just sat….. “you’ve got to get out of this car….just go; will only take a minute; yeah, sure”. Finally, got out ~ hmmm? girl still there; sobbing now?. “probably broke up with her boyfriend, this isn’t an uncommon sight”….. Into the store I go…they are out of N.Y.Times??? Oh boy!

Exit the store, empty handed….now the girl is hysterical; pacing; sobbing……the tug of MY nature is to “mind my own business, she’ll work it out’. I should leave….I CAN’T!!!!. I sprinted over and, with her in complete distress, gathered her in my arms, her face buried in my chest; “you’re safe! God’s here and I’m here”. She growled, ” my mom died, my mom died, I can’t take it”. I said, ” I know you can’t, but God can”. We sat, rocking, my telling her to breathe, breathe, God and I are here.. all of a sudden, her body stopped convulsing and she looked up at me and said, “will you pray for me”? I did; we did, as she accepted Christ as her Savior…we continued to pray….that’s when I noticed other voices. I looked up to see three other women standing; praying over her….we prayed until her brother arrived.. Job 36:15 “But those who suffer He delivers in their suffering. He speaks to them in their affliction”. She was ready..desperate.

This is not an I am wonderful story. Phil 2:13 “For it is God who works in you to will, and to act, according to His good purpose.

When I got home, without the paper, and the story of the girl on the bench.. Hubby, (unsaved), gave me “the look”….but, I was in tears and said, “if we are ever together and I need to leave; please don’t try and restrain me, or tell me it’s none of my business…..If God puts it on my heart! It IS my business.

Meredith’s Love Story



Macy’s is the closest store to my house and I need a pair of pantyhose for the funeral. I’m too tired to fight through the crowds AND the last thing I want to do is run into anyone I know; just want to be left alone today. Dressed in a sweatshirt, jeans, baseball hat and sunglasses, I will make this a fast in, and out; “invisible”, head down, no eye contact.

Finally, after a long wait in line, and the ability to recite color and style of shoes worn by those who had gone before me; one child needs his, or her, laces tied, I placed my article on the counter. Someone grabs my wrist and pulls me forward within inches of her face. I feel no alarm, or fear. The saleslady, keeping a tight grip says, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this but, ‘my son was just murdered’. He was so wonderful, I don’t understand; on his birthday…only 27…why?why? only 27”

I walked around her station and gently, holding her in my arms, said, “you ‘told’ me because my husband just died and God wants me to tell you, “your son is in God’s hands, and you are not alone.” I said, “if you call me every day, we can pray together and, with God’s help, get through this together. We lowered our head and prayed . I left that store, with my head held high; no purchases, but knowing that “Connie” and I had just been in the presence of the Almighty God, in the middle of a spring sale at Macy’s Department Store; June 8, 1999.
John 5:24

Carrie’s Love Story


Mike and I got engaged after meeting each other and dating for about 6 weeks. He was a pastor’s kid that lived the straight and narrow….simply put, I had not. A couple of weeks into the engagement and wedding planning, I was weighed down by what I knew I had to confess to Mike. So one evening he came over and I spewed it all out in all its ugliness. Mike asked 2 questions, one – was there more? Two – what was on my finger? After realizing he meant the engagement ring and not some bug crawling on me, he expressed his love for me and covered me with God’s grace. 13 years and 2 beautiful kids later, I still think of God showing His grace through Mike.

Monika Kelly’s Love Story


I was 42 years old and recovering in the hospital after having an emergency c-section to deliver my first and only son, Joshua. Part of the recovery process involved taking pain medication that I was allergic to and had a subsequent negative reaction to. Overwhelmed, scared and exhausted, I was so grateful to my dear friend who brought in a small group of women into my hospital room to encourage me and pray for me. I was absolutely blessed by that precious, unconditional LOVE.


All members of LoveManifest contribute freely from the love in their hearts and take absolutely no financial gain.
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